All About Individuals

What are “Individual Players" you ask?

Individuals are the "I" in Team!

Well, only in the case of the many amazing Individuals Teams who play with OSSC!

When you register as an individual, OSSC will create a team with you and other members who are also looking for teammates!

OSSC make your team roster available to you two days prior to your league start date.  You will be able to see your teammate’s names and contact information to get the ball rolling for the upcoming season. It's important to note that rosters are not 100% finalized until the league begins. It is possible rosters will change throughout the week as we build leagues and teams. Additionally, individual teams which have not fulfilled the Suggested Maximum Roster Size may have individual(s) added to their team at any point over the course of the season. On the other hand, if your team roster is filled yet you still need extra players due to injuries or changes in players personal schedules then let us know so we can try and help fill your team.

Please be aware payment does not guarantee a spot on a team.  The gender ratio must be met before teams can be made.  The league typically rosters individual teams by order of payment and date of registration.   

As soon as your roster is available to you, we ask you use the contact tools on our website to reach out and chat amongst yourselves to decide on a team captain, come up with a fun team name, your team's shirt/jersey colour, and attendance for each week.

Contact the office by phone, email, or in person to let us know who your designated team captain, co-captain and Team Safety Ambassador (TSA) are, and your team name. We're happy to get that information changed for you!

Captains are responsible for communicating between the league and the team.  This includes reporting and confirming scores, communicating with other captains in the league and keeping spirits high!  Every player is responsible to know and play by the rules.

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