Working from Home

Working from home. Something so many people are doing are right now. Something so many people wish they were doing right now. Something so many people wish they weren’t doing right now. This pandemic has introduced us to new norms, slowed us down and tested us to our limits. There are good days, bad days and everything in between.

Working from home is something I wanted to do as soon as the pandemic hit. I thought, my life would be so much easier if I could just work from home. In so many ways, that has held true but there are challenges that I could not foresee and things that I really miss about working with real people in a real office, in a real building.

When the pandemic started, I worked at a gym and I was lucky enough to keep my job through the first lockdown and work from home. My family found a way to balance our work life and our young kids and frankly, I think we knocked it out of the park. I was hooked. Working from home was the goal. I needed to find a way to do this. So, I did…

I found myself an amazing new job with an unbelievable team here at OSSC and I started to work from home. I thought I had an area I could work, but when my husband started to work from home as well, that idea did not pan out. So, I started to work from all areas of the house, the dining room table, my kid’s playroom, my bed, a table in my basement and finally my daughter’s bedroom. I just keep lugging my books, pens, and laptop all over the house and hoped that I would find a rhythm that day.  The truth is, I am still finding my rhythm. I am so used to having my own office where I can close the door and focus, that I severely underestimated the value of having my own workspace. Turns out … VERY VALUABLE!

We have been thrown so many things over the last year. From kids virtual learning to stay at home orders and potentially have your spouse/roommate/partner at home trying to do the same thing. It feels like it is never ending right now. I have learned over the last few months that there are 5 very helpful and very necessary things that make working from home a success. Here is what I have concluded:

  1. Get yourself a dedicated workspace – a desk, comfortable chair and an area where you feel like you can focus.
  2. Schedule your lunch and breaks – The day can so easily get lost when you are at home and making sure you get a break, and it is scheduled in the day is so important.
  3. Get outside! Go for a walk, a run or something to get you out of the house to get a mental break and separation.
  4. Keep regular hours – have a start and an end date.
  5. Create a morning routine and stick to it!

Working from home and still being able to connect with my new colleagues has been an eye-opening experience and has definitely changed my life for the better right now. We have learned how much we can accomplish virtually and even got to laugh a little at the filters, dogs and kids that turn up on our zoom calls. In some way, it has brought us all closer. Will this last forever? I don’t know. No one knows. I still think it would be nice, one day, to see people in an office a few days a week, but who knows what the future holds!  

For everyone working from home, working away from home and all the essential workers that do not have a choice but to go to work and serve our communities, you are all doing a fantastic job! I wish for everyone that they find balance and peace in this time of uncertainty and chaos.  We will get through this and we will continue to persevere. I wish you all health and happiness on this crazy journey and hope to see you soon….in person!