Welcome to the Blog

Here we go!  I am lucky enough to be the first person to bless this OSSC Life Blog with my words.  To say it’s been a long time coming, would be an understatement.  We have dreamed of sharing a bit more behind the scenes for a while, and today is just the start.  Once a week on Fridays, one of our amazing Sport & Social Club team members will share a little bit about their life and talk about something that hopefully sparks the interest of you, our OSSC family. 

Things around here have changed in the last twelve months.  We have gotten creative and found ways to stay active even when it doesn’t always look like our weekly basketball game or pub night.  For me, I have found myself embracing the virtual life.  I am one of those people who has somehow felt even more comfortable getting social and over-committing myself to things every night of the week, because it means I can make new friends, stay active, and still keep my favourite PJ bottoms or ratty yoga pants on… I mean, you really can’t wear your good yoga pants around the house with a 75-pound shedding Labrador dog, can you?  I’d be washing them twice a day!   

Since finishing University almost fifteen years ago, I have lived provinces away from most of my best friends.  The phone calls got further apart over the years and our lives became different as we each grew on our own paths.  But then 2020 hit, and we suddenly found ourselves still thousands of miles away, but closer than ever.  Our lives were instantly much more relatable and often centered around a zoom call with wine every week or two, choosing the same virtual fitness class to do together in the morning, and making every single one of my friends’ birthdays this year because they happened over ZOOM.  I have felt closer than ever to these people, even though the year has kept us apart.

I know right now is hard for lots of people, and I don’t want my experience to make you question yours.  Everyone is making their way through this pandemic differently, but I wanted to share the flip side of what we often hear portrayed.  I am excited, but nervous, for this all to end.  Once everyone gets back to their busy lives outside the house, will we still have time for Facetime chats with far-away friends, will we make time to play online games, or continue the virtual fitness classes we can do together no matter where we live?  

How has this year been treating you?  Are you excited for things to get back to normal, to get back on the basketball court?  Or are you feeling (even just a little bit) nervous like me, that going back to the old way of life could mean you lose the connections (and virtual social life) you have built this year. 

How can we make sure that the lessons and opportunities that this year gave us, continue in the future?