It has only been a couple years since I really discovered Podcasts. I remember hearing everyone talk about the latest podcast they were listening to, but I really never thought much about it.  Until I did.  Since that day, podcasts have slowly taken over my ear buds, and Bluetooth speaker around the house, in the car, everywhere.  There is not a day that goes by, where I don’t tune in.

I’m the kind of person who loves to listen to things when I work, while doing the dishes, or anytime my husband leaves the house.  I guess you could say I hate the quiet.

I shuffle through a few different Podcasts, however there are some that I never miss. It is like watching your favourite TV show and waiting for the next week’s episode to air. 

The podcasts that I am currently listening to are:

1. The Goal Digger Podcast – hosted by Jenna Kutcher.   She is a “small town mama, that took a $300 dollar camera and turned it into a successful photo business that turned into a work from home 7 figure multimedia company” If you are looking for inspiration and great business advice this podcast is for you. I just love that every week Jenna dives into so many helpful topics to drive your business forward. 

2. Online Marketing Made Easy – hosted by Amy Porterfield. This is a great podcast as every week Amy discusses a wide variety of topics within the online business field. Although, she is an expert in online marketing for service based businesses, I still find a lot of helpful information. 

3. The Rachel Hollis Podcast – hosted by Rachel Hollis. I just love Rachel, she is a great motivational speaker and business woman. Like Jenna, she too built a 7 figure online business with a high school diploma and the information that she found on the internet. Each week she discusses so many different topics from business, health and wellness. It is just an all round great podcast.

4. Even the Rich – The hosts break down some of the most popular families or celebrities in the world and tells the story of how they came to by and why they have the influence they do.  From the Kardashians to Megan and Harry, there is something for everyone.

5. The Tony Robbins Podcast – hosted by Tony Robbins. I have been listening to Tony Robbins for years, from the first audio books he came out with “awaken the giant”. His podcast includes interviews and lots business tips. I especially like the interviews he conducts as there are some really great business people. One of my favourite interviews is with the founder of Sirus Radio Martine Rothblatt. 

6. The Darin Olien Show – hosted by Darin Olien. I first learned about Darin from watching the Netflix program “Down to Earth” with Zac Efron. If you have not watched that show I highly recommend it. His podcast talks about ones well being and how to live your best life. I really like a part of his podcast called “fatal conveniences” they are about 10 minutes in length and talk about something that we think is a convenience, but really could be harming us. One of the episodes talked about store receipts...all I can say is it was eye opening. 

What are some of your favourite podcasts? I am always looking for new ones to listen to.