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OSSC Car Pool – Post a message here if you can give someone a ride or need a ride to a OSSC game. 25 30
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OSSC Places to Live – Post a message here if you are looking for a place to live or if you have a place you wish to rent. 1 1
OSSC Players Looking for Teams – Post a message here if you are a player looking for a team. This will not guarantee you a spot. Click "register" to join a team of individuals. Everyone must complete a waiver to be eligible. 278 496
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female sub for indoor ball hockey/dek 1 Jen Lauzon 1 year
ball hockey goalie sub - indoor/gym, dek, or rink 1 Eric Sheppard 1 year
Looking for a Female player for Ultimate Wed Night 1 Lisa Sheppard 1 year
Thursday Volleyball Team @ Carleton (Male and Female) 1 David Anber 1 year
Goalie LF Dek Hockey tues/wed 1 Emmanuel Viau 1 year
Female Softball Sub available (summer 2022) 1 Emilie Scott 1 year
Tuesday DEK Hockey - Replacement 1 Najid Mansoori 1 year
Softball team looking for F player 1 Pete Murton 1 year
Flag football 1 Stephanie Goss 1 year
Female Floor Hockey Sub, Also looking For Summer Team 1 Candice Glive 1 year
Guy and Girl (couple) Looking for Softball Team 1 Douglas Woods 1 year
Looking for Softball (M/F) on Mondays in Ottawa East 1 Jérémie Maillet-LeBlanc 1 year
Female floor hockey sub available 1 Connie Sung 1 year
Spring & Summer Sessions 2022 - All-sorts-of-sports - LF Players 1 Phil Thomson 1 year
Goalie Needed for Wenesday Night Floor Hockey 1 Jayson Bursill 1 year
male player needed for Monday Ball Hockey 1 Joshua Linseman 1 year
Goalie needed for Monday and new few weeks 1 Najid Mansoori 1 year
Looking for Female Hockey Player (rec) 1 Nora Williams 1 year
female players needed Monday, Tuesday, or Thursday ball hockey 1 Joshua Linseman 1 year
Female LF winter floor hockey team 1 Laura Dang 1 year
Female LF winter floor hockey team 1 Laura Dang 1 year
Female Sub for Floor Hockey tonight? 1 Simon Roche 1 year
female(s) needed for ultimate frisbee team 1 Racquel Jandoc 1 year
Looking for female sub floor hockey Monday 1 Gaelle Dussault-Bacon 1 year
Female sub for Thurs night floor hockey 2 Nora Williams 1 year
Looking for goalie for Ball hockey TONIGHT (Nov 16) @ 8:30 1 Devin Harm 1 year
3 Players for Ball Hockey Thursday Night 4 Phil Thomson 1 year
Winter Session 2022 - All-sorts-of-sports - LF Ladies 1 Phil Thomson 1 year
Male floor hockey goalie looking for team. 1 Kurtis Meldrum 1 year
Badminton replacement 1 Van Phuong Ly 1 year