Lost & Found

Did you forget something at your game?
Did you find someone's stuff?

While OSSC does not have a lost & found box at the office, there are a few ways to reunite players with their items!

In order to avoid found items travelling around in the trunks of Game Coordinators, teammates or opponents vehicles, we encourage members to leave items with the facility in their lost & found.  Some facilities even have a dedicated box for things left behind by OSSC players.

Your best bet is to check in with the facility directly!

If that does not reunite you, or you were playing at an outdoor location, the next step is to contact your opponents Captain.  Each Team Captain has access to the Captain Contact List for your specific league when they log into their player profile.  Ask your Captain to reach out to your opponent and the teams playing in the later time slot to see if the item was picked up for safe keeping.

If you need the contact information for a different league, as many different leagues will use the same facility, our Customer Service team will be happy to put you in contact with each other.  Contact us with your name, game time, location and a description of the item.  They will also keep this description on file to match it if another member lets us know they have found something.

Another great tool is the Community Forum on the OSSC website.  Make sure you log in to your account so that you can post your description or reply to another posting.

Social media is another great tool! Many OSSC Members like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter.  Feel free to post on our wall or tweet as us so that other members can keep an eye out for lost items.