The Royal Oak

The Royal Oak Game Coordinator of the Month Award!

Member Benefits: After your games, meet your teammates and opponents at one of 13 Royal Oak OSSC Sponsor Bar locations. One person needs to show their OSSC Key Tag to get FREE FOOD.

3-5 players:*
Entitled to 1 plate of Regular Large Nachos

6-10 players:*
Entitled to 1 lb of Wings & Regular Large Nachos

* Minimum expenditure of $9 per person pre-tax


These tags can also be used on non-game nights with your friends, provided the minimum people and expenditures are met.


About The Royal Oak: The "original" Oak opened in April 1980 and expanded twice in the intervening years. It probably has the most eclectic clientele of any pub in the city and is considered by many to be the true English pub in Ottawa. It is also one of the largest purveyors of draught beers in Eastern Ontario! Consistently voted "Best Pub" by numerous Ottawa publications, The Royal Oak currently has 13 locations across Ottawa.

Visit for more information and locations!


The Royal Oak is proud to sponsor the
Game Coordinator of the Month Award!

Also known as GC's, Game Coordinators play an important role in many of our leagues. GC's are part-time members of the staff team that you may see during your evening games in brightly coloured "STAFF" shirts ensuring your game experience is the best it can be!

Each month we will be choosing an outstanding Game Coordinator who exemplifies the qualities of the club and their role. The GC who demonstrates a passion for OSSC Members, league improvements, reliable and is overall awesome will be awarded a $20 gift certificate to enjoy at The Royal Oak!

Click here to see the list of Winners and to know a bit more about them!