Valentine's Day 2020 - #OSSCLOVE Stories

The week before Valentine's Day, we reached out to OSSC teams & players on social media and out at the games for their stories of #OSSCLOVE. The response has been incredible, and we've compiled all the stories below! We hope they give you a smile, and show how friends, family and yes, even love can all be enhanced through sport.

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Meet the Pink Bandits!

This fun Court Volleyball team replied to our Instagram Story with this photo and the caption "TEAM LOVEEE!" We feel that! Thanks for sharing!


Kaili wrote a love letter to her Court Volleyball team, Out Of This World!

"Holy moly! My 'out of this world' Court Volleyball 6's team is honestly the greatest team of all time. My teammates (Josee, Moh, Dev, Ray, and Matt) are just spectacular. They’re always smiling, always laughing, and always so supportive. I honestly wouldn’t be the player or person I am today without their encouragement over the last year.

OSSC was the one to introduce us all and I’m forever grateful for the experience. If there’s a way to honour my teammates with all the love in the world, I would love to do it. I’m moving away and won’t be able to play along side them for another season and I would love to show how much they mean to me as well as how much they have brought to our team through OSSC. They’re the kindest souls and deserve the world. Thank you!!"


Meet Not Fast Too Furious from Floor Hockey - and specifically Steph and Valerie!

Steph and Valerie (second and third from right) met at OSSC Floor Hockey and have now been married for two years! Their team came together at a high school reunion and many in the team are mutual friends. They’ve been playing together with OSSC for 5 years now!


Stewart and Jade met at Laurentian University and lived on the same floor in Residence. They have been together for 7 years now and love playing Dodgeball with OSSC!


Chris and Véronique met in Philosophy class. After five classes, Chris asked Véro out on a date! They have been married for 4 months now and together for 11 years total! They play with their team (Chuckits) in OSSC's Thursday Dodgeball league.

Fun Fact: They even had a Game of Thrones themed wedding. How awesome is that?       


Alysha wrote a love letter to her Court Volleyball team, Ballsdeep!

"Love my OSSC team! Half of us met through Skills and Drills and decided to form a team and we all have so much fun and laughs together. Thank you for giving me the chance to meet these wonderful people!"

Chelsey wrote a love letter to her Court Volleyball team, JACKLE!

"We push each other to get better. We could never be as good alone as we are together! We are all unique, we are more than teammates, we are family!"


Meet "The Watchdogs"!

This love story started at work, these guys are all colleagues!

Their chemistry was so strong in the workplace that they decided to spread the love and make a team with the OSSC playing our national sport (floor hockey)!

They have been playing together for over a year now and the vibes are always great, win or lose! These guys LOVE to have fun while breaking a sweat!