Game Locations

Ottawa Tennis and Lawn Bowling Club (OTLBC)


176 Cameron Ave, Ottawa, ON, K1S 0X5

To assist with physical distancing an entrance has been created for all OSSC players. This entrance is located on the West side of the facility beside the parking lot closest to Brewer Park.  

You will see two waiting areas noted with signage and orange social distancing circles on the grass/sand.  Once your instructor or Game Coordinator is ready for you, he/she will signal you to join them on the beach courts. 

The main entrance of the clubhouse (and the clubhouse itself) remain closed.  

There is separate outdoor entrance at the side of the clubhouse closest to the tennis courts exclusively for tennis players only.  Our objective is to deliberately keep physical separation between OTLBC and OSSC members given the older OTLBC demographic / population.  

Ottawa Tennis & Lawn Bowling Club COVID-19 Protocols: CLICK HERE.

For Tennis lessons speak with the OTLBC staff on-site and they will provide further direction.

Parking available on streets in the surrounding neighbourhood. Small parking lot and angled parking on Cameron Avenue is reserved for tennis club members. When driving and parking within the neighbourhood please be respectful of all posted signage and residents.

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