Game Locations

Rideau Sports Centre







1 Donald Street, Ottawa, K1K 4E6

Daily Online Assessment: 
All players attending the Rideau Sports Centre must complete an online assessment form prior to arriving. This online form takes less than 2 minutes, is accessible on a smart phone, and must be done every week. Click here to access the form.

COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination for the Domes: By the order of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), as of September 22, 2021, Ontarians will need to be fully vaccinated (two doses plus 14 days) and provide their proof of vaccination along with photo ID to access indoor recreation facilities. Individuals who cannot receive the vaccine due to medical exemptions will be permitted entry with a doctor’s note until recognized medical exemptions can be integrated as part of a digital vaccine certificate. Captains are reminded to share this information with all players ahead of registration.

Proof must be shown every week upon entry. Do not email your documents to our office.

Dome 1:
Closest Dome to the Clubhouse (Multisport Courts: Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal).

Dome 2: Furthest Dome to the Clubhouse (Tennis)

RSC Parking Information:

Both RSC parking lots are reserved for Tennis Players only. Street parking available on Donald Street, and neighbouring side streets. Parking also available in Sandy Hill’s Strathcona Park, across the Adawe Footbridge (view from pedestrian bridge pictured below).

RSC Multi-Sport Dome and COVID Protocols:

*NEW* POLICY - Players MUST sign in with a QR Code, for RSC's contact tracing purposes. You can do this on the day of your game by following the link here: RSC COVID-19 Contact Tracing

Enter the main gate, walk towards the clubhouse, and take the path to the right. The first dome you come to will be the Multi-Sport Dome. Please use the revolving door.

  • Teams must wait outside of the dome and physically distanced UNTIL the group before you have fully vacated the area and the GC signals you in. 
  • The Game Coordinator will administer hand sanitizing spray for all participants as you enter/exit the dome. Please do not rush and take your time to keep physically distancing as you enter. 
  • The dome will utilize a one-way traffic system to control the flow of players in and out of the dome. (See map below). Once through the carousel doors, all players must travel to the right staying on the blue path until reaching their court. Note: it might result in taking the long way to reach your court. No players are to move against the flow of traffic or travel across another team’s court. Players are not permitted to move under the net to limit contamination of the net (you must go around to reach your side of the court).
  • Scoreboards are not available on-site.  
  • Teams must bring their own volleyball to each game.
  • Volleyballs must be sanitized before the game, between each set, and after the game.  
  • Game Coordinators will have a spray bottle of disinfectant solution and balls will be sprayed for sanitization.  
  • Access to washrooms is available, masks must be worn while exiting the dome and in the main clubhouse. It is encouraged that teams come dressed to play to limit exposure to others while in the washrooms/change rooms.
  • Access to the restaurant is permitted before/after games.  

Once in the dome, immediately remove outdoor wet footwear, and place on the blue grid tiles that surround the perimeter of dome. This will keep the dome clean and floors in good condition.

Dek Hockey Rinks

On opposite side of the road from the sports dome. Rink 1 runs parallel with the road. Rink 2 is south of Rink 1.

Beach Volleyball Courts

On opposite side of the road from the sports dome and next to the Dek Hockey Rinks. (Overhead map picture taken before construction of beach courts was completed). Court 1 is closest to road, Court 2 is in the middle and Court 3 is closest to forest.