Game Locations

Rideau Sports Centre







Rideau Sports Centre (RSC) 

1 Donald Street, Ottawa, K1K 4E6

To assist with physical distancing please refrain from entering the clubhouse if possible. Your instructor will handle any check-in required with the front desk and once ready, will signal for you to join them at the beach volleyball courts.  This has been done intentionally to limit further unnecessary contact between yourself and other RSC players.

For Tennis players, speak with RSC staff on-site and they will provide further direction.

Rideau Sports Centre COVID-19 Protocols: CLICK HERE.

Located on the beautiful banks of the Rideau River, the Rideau Sports Centre is a top-tier, multi-sports and recreational facility open to the public.

Dome 1: Closest Dome to the Clubhouse (Multisport Courts: Volleyball, Basketball, Futsal).

Dome 2: Furthest Dome to the Clubhouse (Tennis)

RSC Parking Information:

Both RSC parking lots are reserved for Tennis Players only. Street parking available on Donald Street, and neighbouring side streets. Parking also available in Sandy Hill’s Strathcona Park, across the Adawe Footbridge (view from pedestrian bridge pictured below).

RSC Multi-Sport Dome:

Enter the main gate, walk towards the clubhouse, and take the path to the right. The first dome you come to will be the Multi-Sport Dome. Please use the revolving door.

Once in the dome, immediately remove outdoor wet footwear, and place on the blue grid tiles that surround the perimeter of dome. This will keep the dome clean and floors in good condition.

Dek Hockey Rinks

On opposite side of the road from the sports dome. Rink 1 runs parallel with the road. Rink 2 is south of Rink 1.

Beach Volleyball Courts

On opposite side of the road from the sports dome and next to the Dek Hockey Rinks. (Overhead map picture taken before construction of beach courts was completed). Court 1 is closest to road, Court 2 is in the middle and Court 3 is closest to forest.