Sports Offered

Winter 2018

Mid-Winter 2018 leagues are NOW OPEN FOR REGISTRATION ONLINE!

Missed out on our regular 12-week Winter leagues? Wanting to play an extra night of sports? Join our mid-Winter leagues and get some extra sports action! In addition to our mid-Winter leagues we also offer session II for our volleyball skills, drills & play programming as well as tennis classes. 

  • All OSSC leagues are 19+, coed, self-officiated and for fun!
  • Mid-Winter leagues start Monday, March 5th and end Monday, April 23rd (some leagues differ)
  • Most leagues are 6 weeks long (4 regular season games + 2 playoff games)
  • There are three ways to register… A full team, as a group of friends, or as an individual!
  • We also have numerous tournaments and events to pick from as well.

See the grid below to register online while there is still space or please contact our office at 613-565-TEAM (8326) x 151 or email

Registration deadline is the Thursday before each league starts @ midnight!

  • Thursday, February 22 for Volleyball, Floor Hockey & Tuesday 'How To' Skills, Drills & Play Programming
  • Thursday, March 1 for Dodgeball, Monday 'How To' Skills, Drills & Play Programming
  • Thursday, March 15 for all RSC Tennis programs

Schedules and rosters will be live and posted by Friday @ noon before league start also.