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Cross Country Skate Skiing

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What you need to know about Cross Country Skate Skiing Lessons:

What to bring/wear

You will be skiing under the moonlight, so ensure to bring a headlamp with you. 

Dress lightly with active wear as you will not be standing around long and will warm-up very quickly.

Ensure to have a warm coat ready in the car post-skiing so you stay warm after classes.

A bit about your instructor!

Your amazing Nordic Fitness instructor is Jodi!

Click HERE to read their coaching bio!


Cross country skis are NOT included in the class fees.

Rental equipment is available for the season at several locations in Ottawa at an extra charge. Your instructor Jodi can also arrange equipment rentals at a reduced price:

Program schedule

Week 1 (Parking Lot 8): Skate Ski Basics - Upper body 

Week 2 (Parking Lot 8): Skate Ski Basics - Lower body 

Week 3 (Parking Lot 6): Total body coordination 

Week 4 (Parking Lot 6): Endurance

Week 5 (Parking Lot 6): Hills - What Goes Up…

Week 6 (Parking Lot 6): Speed Sections

Week 7 (Camp Fortune): Up's & down's + lots of turns

Week 8 (Camp Fortune): Shily Shaly

*Location and class lessons may change

Private lessons

Private lessons for further skate ski development are also available.

Speak to your class instructor if you wish to develop the ability to adapt your technique to the varying terrain and conditions, making you a stronger and more efficient skier.  

Please ensure to mention the promotional code 'OSSCIHEARTWINTER'.



All instructions and directions will be provided by your class instructor Jodi. 


Each week participants will meet their class instructor Jodi in the Gatineau Trails around the Chelsea area. 

The specific meeting point for each class will be provided beforehand. 

If you have any questions before the start of classes, you can reach your instructor Jodi at