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All-Sorts-of-Bar Games - Fun in the Pub!

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What you need to know about the All-Sorts-of-Bar Games - Fun in the Pub:

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All players receive:

  • An OSSC key tag which gives you access to discounts and deals from our amazing sponsors and partners around town. See all the deals!
  • An invitation to the OSSC end of season party.


Register as an individual or bring a friend! 

All-Sorts-of-Bar Games is a great way to meet new people!   Many players register as an individual and others prefer to register with a friend!  Many games are one-player and others require a partner.  We'll pair you up, if you register on your own!


Rules will be explained on-site by the Game Coordinator and/or sent out via email. If you have any questions regarding the activities listed please contact for further details.


All-Sorts-of-Bar Games locations (include but not limited to): Royal Oak Bank St and Royal Oak Laurier.