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Turf Ultimate 4's - FTA Complex *Mid-Fall*

Sport Info

What you need to know about Turf Ultimate 4's:

# of players on field

4 players (minimum 2 males and 2 females) - 2/2 or 3/1 ratio (see sport rules for details). 


The team on defense decides if they want to play with 2 females on the field, even if the offensive team has chosen a 3/1 ratio. The opposite is not allowed. 

Suggested roster/individuals roster size

6-8 players.


Teams are required to bring 1 frisbee and 6 cones to every game. Frisbees and cones will not be provided on-site.   


If you do not want to bring your own, frisbees and cones are available to rent at the OSSC office. A $25 refundable deposit is required and payable through online registration or at the office with credit card, cheque or through the website during online registration (in shopping cart). 

Additional league information

All teams receive:

  • An OSSC key tag which gives you access to discounts and deals from our amazing sponsors and partners around town! See all the deals!
  • An invitation to the OSSC end of season party

At the Wrap Party, winning teams in each pool and division will receive:

  • A personalized team trophy
  • Coveted OSSC champion team t-shirts!
  • Bragging rights



Download the full rules here: OSSC_Turf_Ultimate_4-on-4_Rules.pdf

Download the field setup diagram here: Ultimate 4's Field Setup

Sport & Social Club General Rules

Score & Spirit Point Reporting

  • Game Scores (account for 75% of total points): Team captains are responsible for reporting the scores after your game by logging into your player profile and clicking on ‘My Team’ tab and selecting ‘Report Score/Spirit Points’.  Teams have a 48 hour window to report scores after the completion of the game.  Please be timely with your score reporting so league standings can remain updated for playoff positioning.
  • Spirit Points (account for 25% of total points): Spirit points are awarded to a team from their opponent after each game to encourage sportsmanship, honesty, integrity and fair play.  For more information and how to properly award spirit points, please see our section ‘All About Spirit Points’.


  • Players can view league standings & schedules by logging into your player profile and clicking on ‘Standings/Schedule’.

Player Eligibility

  • All players must be added to the team roster by the team captain.  This process confirms that all players have electronically agreed (checked the box) to our policies and online waiver.
  • Substitute players are allowed, however they must be added to the roster (check the online waiver).  Adding a substitute player from another team in the same league is allowed, however, regular/consistent use of a substitute player in the same league is considered unsportsmanlike and not encouraged.
  • For a player to be eligible for a playoff game, the following criteria must be met or the team will default the game:
    • Be on the SSC online team roster.
    • Play a minimum of two regular season games in a 6-10 week season, or three regular season games in an 11-14 week season.
    • Play for only one team per league/pool in playoff games.  If a player plays for two teams, the second game will be defaulted.


  • A default will occur if a team cannot field a squad by 15 minutes after the official start time.  If a team does not meet the standard eligibility requirements, team captains must confirm the outcome prior to starting the game.  Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum players.  IF IT IS AGREED THAT THE GAME COUNTS, IT COUNTS!  In the event there is a default dispute and the game was played, the SSC ruling is that the game counts.
  • In the event of a missed game due to inclement weather, games will not be rescheduled. To view our foul weather policy click here.

Rough Play & Player Conduct

  • It is recognized that incidental contact between players is inevitable – however, all players should go out of their way to avoid creating unsafe play.
  • Any unsportsmanlike conduct may result in immediate expulsion from the league.  This includes, physical or rough play, verbal abuse, damage to facility property and/or loss of facility permit.  Fighting will result in immediate expulsion from the league.  To view our Unsportsmanlike Conduct policy click here. 
  • Drinking alcoholic beverages, use of drugs and smoking at your game site before, during, or after your game is strictly prohibited.  Offenders will be asked to leave the league without refund. No Exceptions. 

Game Coordinator (GC) On-site SSC Staff

  • A GC presence is dependent on sport, season, and/or facility locations.  They are not referees, as all games are self-officiated.  They are on-site to be a neutral supporter of both teams, clarify rules, manage equipment, start/stop games, and to inform players of league news.
  • Game Coordinators may stop a game before the full time has expired due to overly aggressive play, persistent unsportsmanlike conduct or a general violation of the rules of the game.

SSC Official Turf Ultimate Rules – Coed 4-on-4


  • Ultimate, often called Ultimate Frisbee, is a non-contact team sport played with a flying disc. The objective of the game is to score points by passing the disc into the opposing end zone.

Game length

  • Games are 55 minutes in length including a 5 minute stop for halftime (unless otherwise indicated in your schedule).   
  • Games start and end according to your online SSC schedule. 
  • If games start late, games must finish at the scheduled time (e.g. 6:15pm-7:30pm).
    • Mercy Rule: The game is considered finished when the winning team is leading by 15 point after 1 full hour of play.



  • Teams are required to bring one official Ultimate disc and 6 pylons to every game.  A $25 refundable deposit is required, payable through online registration, cash or cheque.
  • Teams should bring both light & dark coloured t-shirts to help distinguish opponents.
  • Metal cleats are not allowed.

Players on Field and Gender Ratio

  • Teams are comprised of four (4) players on the field. Gender ratio is decided before each point and chosen by the team starting on offense. The team on defense matches the gender ratio of the one on offense. Teams must play with either:
    • 2 males and 2 females on the field.
    • 3 males and 1 female on the field.
    • The team on defense may decide to play with 2 females on the field, even if the offensive team has chosen a 3/1 ratio. The opposite is not allowed.
    • A team can play with a minimum of 3 people, as long as the gender requirements are met. 
    • Captains may agree to waive the rules regarding minimum players and gender ratio before the game starts.
    • For Individual teams – SSC will make every attempt to roster 2+ females. 

Scoring and Mercy Rule

  • There is no point cap.
  • Mercy Rule:  If a team is up by 15 points after 45 minutes of play, the losing team has the option of calling the game or choosing to continue.

Game & Field Set-Up

  • Team captains should meet before the start of the game to set-up the field with the required pylons
  • Please check the online SSC schedule for a specific map of the facility and field orientation (when available). Fields are set-up perpendicular to the regular turf field.
  • The field set-up includes:
    • Total field length (26 paces)
    • Between the end zones (20 paces)  
    • End zones (each 3 paces)
    • Total field width (18 paces)
    • A pace is approximately 3 heel-to-toe steps.
    • To start the game, teams decide who gets first possession by flipping the disc.
    • Teams switch sides at half time.
    • Teams are responsible for keeping score & time.
    • When the game time runs out the game is considered over and the current point is not finished.

General game rules

In general, SSC plays by official USA Ultimate 11th edition rules , for example:

  • Each half begins with both teams lining up in the back of their respective end zones. The defense throws ("pulls") the disc to the offense.
  • The disc may be advanced in any direction by completing a pass to a teammate. Players may not run with the disc. The person with the disc "thrower" has ten seconds “stalls” to throw the disc. The defender guarding the thrower "marker" counts out the stall count.
  • When a pass is not completed (e.g. out of bounds, drop, block, interception), the defense immediately takes possession of the disc and becomes the offense.
  • The disc may travel out of bounds and return in bounds and still be played, as long as it has not contacted anything in the out of bounds areas.
  • After each point, teams do not “pull” the disc again from the endzones, but rather play “speedpoint” style. The team that is scored upon will start their play by checking in the disc from the same endzone line and try to score in the opposing endzone. The team that scored the point will become the defensive team. Both teams must signal their readiness to play before the disc can become live.
  • Zone defense is permitted, though person-to-person defense is most common with SSC Ultimate leagues.
  • Teams may call a one (1) minute time-out if needed, except in the final 10 minutes of play.
  • A game can end in a tie during the regular season (ties are not allowed in playoffs, see below).

Spirit of the game

  • Ultimate relies upon a spirit of sportsmanship that places the responsibility for fair play on the player. Highly competitive play is encouraged, but never at the expense of mutual respect among competitors, adherence to the agreed upon rules, or the basic joy of play. Protection of these vital elements serves to eliminate unsportsmanlike conduct from the Ultimate field. Such actions as taunting opposing players, dangerous aggression, belligerent intimidation, intentional infractions, or other 'win-at-all-costs' behaviour are contrary to the Spirit of the Game and must be avoided by all players. 
  • It is our hope that more experienced teams will assist in the promotion and clarification of the spirit of the game and the rules. If a team or person in unclear on something, explain it to them to enhance the Ultimate experience and not to put them at a disadvantage. This will ensure that all games that are played are heading to a higher and more enjoyable level. 


Violations & making calls

  • The offending player should call their own infractions, however any players involved with the infraction can also make a call.  When a foul is called, play must stop immediately.
  • Picks and screens are not permitted and are considered fouls.
    • Players not on the field at the time of the incident cannot make a call.



  • Playoff games should only be 50 minutes in length in anticipation of needing the extra time to settle a tie.
  • In the playoffs when regulation time has expired, the current point should be played out until a team scores. If this point results in the score being tied, one more point is to be played in order to break the tie.
  • Team playoff position: Ties in the standings will be broken first by head-to-head play. If there are more than 2 teams that are tied, all the teams must have played each other in order for the results to go to head-to-head. Otherwise, least points against, then +/-, then most points for will determine the placement in that order.
  • The SSC office will update the playoff schedule once all scores have been submitted and after the last regular season game.  Please do not assume the time/location of your playoff game until team names have been posted into the schedule.   



Remember… Always have fun!


Functional Training Academy (FTA) Complex110 Bentley Ave #25, Nepean, ON K2E 6T9.