Sport Rules

Winter 2018 - We have made improvements to a few of our sport rules.  

Click here for our complete list of rule updates.


Click on the appropriate sport to review the rules and share with your team.

*Please Note - All-Sorts-of-Sports leagues follow the individual sport-of-the-week's rules*


Outdoor Sports

Beach Volleyball 6's

Beach Volleyball 4's


Beach Volleyball 2's

Beach Volleyball Women's 6's


Beach Volleyball Men's 4's


Grass Volleyball


Flag Football 7's


Turf Flag Football 7's






Lawn Bowling

Outdoor Innertube Water Polo

Outdoor Rink Floor Hockey 5 v 5

Outdoor Rink Floor Hockey 6 v 6

Soccer 6's

Turf  Soccer (Refereed 7's)




Ultimate 5's

Turf Ultimate 7's



Indoor Sports



Benchball (Indoor Soccer)

Court Volleyball 6's

Court Volleyball 4's

Court Volleyball Women's 6's

Court Volleyball Men's 4's



Turf Flag Football 7's


Turf Flag Football 6's - Bentley Fieldhouse


Floor Hockey




Innertube Water Polo


Ping Pong


Turf Soccer 7's


Turf Ultimate 4's


Turf Ultimate 5's


Turf Soccer 5's


Handball 5's