2020 Rule Updates

With an ongoing effort to continually be improving our sport leagues, and with direct feedback from our players, the following updates have been made to the rules.  Note – these are highlights, full changes can be found in the rules section on the website and on sport pages.

It is the responsibility of captains and players to ensure you are aware of any changes.    

Floor Hockey (updated text to clarify shoot-out)

  • In the playoffs, a game that is tied at the end of regulation time is decided by a three-minute sudden death overtime period. If still tied the game comes down to a shoot-out. The 4 players who are on the court at the end of the game take one shot each at a distance of eight paces (this shot must be taken from a stationary position). The goalie that finished the game remains the goalie for the shoot-out. After four shots, if still tied, teams continue taking single shots until one team has scored (and the other team does not). The order of four shooters must be maintained. *Note* - this clarification has been updated for all Floor Hockey Rules including; 6v6 (5 shooters), 5v5 (4 shooters), 4v4 (3 shooters).
  •  Players are not allowed to hold or grab their opponents stick at anytime.

Flag Football (Indoor & Outdoor)

  • Once the ball has come in contact with a 2nd offensive player (Quarterback hand-off or throw to receiver), the defending players can cross over the line of scrimmage before the end of the 5 “steamboats” and engage with the offensive players.
  • Lateral passes and 'flea flicker' plays are permitted.


  • Intermediate leagues will follow a +5 home run rule. A team can only hit +5 home runs more than their opponents. Example: If team A has hit 5 home runs, they must wait for Team B to hit a home run before Team A can hit another. If a team hits a + 6 home run, the batter is awarded a single base (not a home run) and base runners only advance if they are forced (same as a ‘walk’ scenario).


  • Sidelines – If the gym/court requires the use of a sideline (a wall is not present) to determine the width and/or length of the playing space, the following rules apply;
    • All sidelines must be confirmed by both team captains prior to the start of the game.
    • Players cannot touch or cross a sideline (similar to the centre line), unless they are attempting to retrieve a ball and bring it back into the playing space.   
    • If a player is not retrieving a ball and any part of a player touches the sideline or past the line, that player is out.
    • If a player is retrieving a ball, they must return back to the game playing space immediately or that player is out.
    • If a player is retrieving a ball past the sideline, they are still considered ‘live’ and can be hit by a thrown ball and can also catch a thrown ball, etc.
    • Teammates who are not playing in the current game (or have been previously eliminated), should help retrieve balls and place them back into the playing space at the location they went out.

Basketball (Refereed Only)

  • Each basket scored within the three-point line counts as one point and each basket scored beyond the line count for two points.