Waiver Compliance

All players MUST have a waiver on file with the Ottawa Sport & Social Club each season in order to step onto the playing surface.

To be “Waiver Compliant” Teams must have a minimum number of waivers signed.  This minimum number is the number of players on the playing surface. (i.e. Dodgeball = 6 waivers)

Please see your Sport Specific Rules for exact numbers.

If your team is not waiver compliant by the deadline set each season you will not be able to see schedules!

How do you know if you are waiver compliant?

Individual Registrants: 

You electronically agreed to your policy & waiver during registration! If you've completed your registration and payment, no need to worry! You’re all set!

Team Captains:

You electronically agreed to your personal policy & waiver during registration!

Did you send the waivers to your teammates?  Read below for instructions on how to.

Using the OSSC website, you need to send your players an invitation to join the team.  This is also their link to electronically agree to the waiver & policy. If you want to fill out a printable waiver, click here.

Players on Captained Teams:

Make sure you accept the invitation from your captain!


For Team Captains - How do I send the invitations to my teammates?

  • Log in to www.ossc.ca
  • Click on the “My Team” button at the top right hand side of the page
  • Select “Player List” from the drop down menu
  • Click on the team from the landing page
  • Select players from the “Past Players” list OR
  • Add in new players at the bottom with their name and email address (mandatory field)
  • Click the “Add These Players” button at the bottom of the page
  • Players will be listed under “Pending Roster Invites”.  Once they agree to their policy and waiver they will move officially onto the roster.

Do you have a few subs playing? New players joining the team?
You can add players at any time during the season using these steps